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Whatever your business area, your company probably receives and generates hundreds of digital and printed documents. This volume makes efficient document workflow and processing a challenge, and significantly affects the effectiveness of your organisation as a whole. Electronic documentation workflow, which records user roles, policies for processing each type of document, and the manner of information flow, is the best method there is for streamlining these processes.


Our company specialises in improving documentation and business process management. Our electronic documentation workflow system improves work efficiency and ergonomics, while also enhancing the speed and quality of information flow in your company.

Scanned electronic documentation registration and workflow according to any rules you define

High efficiency of document processing with OCR technology

Add comments and descriptions to your documents at any stage of their workflow

Access your documents, including any related documents, from any level of your organisation (based on specific authorisations)

Check the history of approvals and accounting & tax classification for each transaction

Add attachments, such as agreements and reports, to your invoices

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Who can benefit from our services

Our electronic documentation workflow services are designed especially for modern and mature organisations that wish to build their competitive advantage on the basis of faster flow of information and efficient documentation management, and who seek cost optimisation.

It works particularly well in organisations with many dispersed branch offices that require access to recent and archived documents at any time.

Why use our services?

Cooperating with us brings tangible business benefits. We will enhance documentation management in your company, and provide you with quick access to the right information and documents. With our services:


Actually accelerate your decision-making


Enhance the effectiveness of management and control the timeliness of operations, such as invoice description


Facilitate communication between different departments in your organisation


Improve your work efficiency by eliminating redundant operations


Eliminate human error and the associated delays


Gain better control over your costs before they are even incurred

What makes us stand out?

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