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Rapid developments in contemporary economy require that companies be agile and quickly respond to changes in their clients' needs and preferences. Highly competitive companies gain the edge by using integrated ERP-grade systems that allow them to plan and manage their key corporate resources more easily.

ERP-grade systems

As a trusted provider of financial & accounting and HR & payroll services, we perfectly understand the challenges faced by our clients in terms of managing their key business areas. Therefore, we provide them with access to ERP-grade systems that support the management of their corporate resources and effective planning. At the same time, we are committed to optimising the cost of system implementation to ensure the quickest ROI possible. This is why we also support the SaaS model.

We offer two ERP-grade systems: Standard ERP by HansaWorld and StreamSoft Prestiż.

Manage your key business areas, such as finances, sales, purchases, orders, inventory, projects and manufacturing

Modular structure that facilitates gradual implementation.

Support for item cost analysis across different categories: place of origin, purpose, and type of cost, project, business partner.

Easy configuration and export of reports based on individual needs.

24h access in many foreign languages

You can log in via your browser or mobile devices

You can issue and distribute sales invoices automatically and collectively in different digital formats

You can keep your accounts simultaneously in two different base currencies, e.g. PLN and EUR or PLN and USD

Make quick and easy payments to your suppliers

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Who can benefit from our services

Our ERP-grade system access services are designed mainly for companies that want to go to the next level of corporate management and standardise their systems for obtaining information on key business areas. With our central data register and data integration capability, your company will have insight into the processes taking place within any department and by any employee of your company. As a result, you will make significantly better use of your resources and have improved access to the right information.

Why use our services?

Cooperating with us brings tangible business benefits. Deploy our systems to make better use of your corporate resources, enhance your flow of information, optimise costs and improve the financial liquidity of your company. With our services:


Your company will become more flexible and ready to adjust to new circumstances


You will have full control over the processes in your company and will learn its strengths and weaknesses better


The productivity of your staff and processing speed will increase through automation


You will have access to up-to-date information about your company as a whole


Your management will be able to make its decisions faster, which will facilitate planning and process analysis


You will reduce your stock and streamline your manufacturing to improve the profitability of your company and timeliness of your deliveries

What makes us stand out?

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