Accounting different than ever before

In Ekkom, we believe that accounting is more than just the record of numbers and digits in your ledger for reporting or tax purposes. For us, it is about providing insight into your company's condition, and an opportunity to assess its economic and financial standing from many perspectives. Our goal is to provide company owners and management with real-time data to facilitate informed business decisions.

Basic Services

Based on our experience and knowledge of accounting and tax regulations, we are committed to delivering quality financial and accounting services, while also ensuring legal compliance. As part of our basic services, we will be happy to:

manage your accounting books in compliance with legal requirements and your own regulations

manage your tax records and settlements

manage your fixed asset and intangible asset accounts

provide you with a dedicated documentation workflow and archiving system

support you in managing your financial liquidity (debt monitoring, reporting, and collection)

management accounting

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Value added through innovation

If, in addition to our primary services associated with managing your accounting books, tax settlements, and fixed asset accounts, you need something more, you came to the right place. With our innovative solutions, we expand our accounting services to add value to your company.

Object-oriented accounting

By expanding the traditional chart of accounts with additional data (“objects”), we allow you to analyse economic events in your organisation in much more detail. “Objects” are any of your operations whose profitability you would like to monitor, including traders, branch offices, regions, type of business, any processed order, etc.

As part of this approach, each accounting record includes not only such details as the account number, amount, and date, but also information about one or more “objects” associated with it. On the basis of such “objects”, we can create complex reports for you.

Lean Accounting

In compliance with the Lean thinking methodology, we simplify and automate accounting processes to get rid of any redundant costs. Our reports and ad-hoc analyses are accurate and designed to facilitate informed business decisions. Supported by Ekkom Object-Oriented Accounting, we will show you where your company incurs costs and how these are related to your other operations.

Why use our services?

Cooperating with us brings tangible business benefits. We will increase the efficiency of your financial and accounting processes, ensure the transparency of your finances, and provide insight into your cost drivers through:


Online monitoring of any events and projects in your company, with detailed data on each event,


Cost document accounting performed directly when these are received through electronic documentation workflow,


Easy document verification and approval process,


Easy and quick liability monitoring and settlement from any place and at any time,


Issuing and distributing sales invoices collectively in different formats, languages and currencies,


Monitoring your liabilities, sending reminders and requests for payment.


The high quality of our services guarantees your legal compliance, and we will represent you before the Tax Office (US) and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and during audits. Moreover, with our services, you will:

make optimum decisions for your business

improve the profitability of your organisation

be able to control your financial liquidity

What makes us stand out?

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qualified employees

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