Process innovations

Our competitive advantage to a large extent is based on the possibility of implementing financial & accounting and HR & payroll processes faster, cheaper and more effectively. Due to continuous innovation we can improve our processes and those of our customers, change the perception of the role of an accounting company, and better manage distributed information. The main areas of process innovations include:

Process of electronic document circulation

  • Ensuring access to the right information at every stage of the process, shorting the implementation process and involving human resources on the side of the customer.
  • Streamlining processes of describing and approving invoices.
  • Eliminating bottlenecks in the document management of the organization.

Financial and accounting processes

  • Faster implementation of financial and accounting operations, reduce the operation and the implementation costs of the process, increased visibility of key metrics, etc.
  • The use of our own experiences in the design and implementation of processes to streamline the customer’s processes.

HR & payroll processes

  • Significant reduction in the time spent on the administrative matters of employees.
  • Standardisation of processes in HR management and payroll based on the best practices.



More effective business decisions through better insight into company activities, such as easy access to current information on the cost of individual activities in the organization.

Greater productivity and employee effectiveness by eliminating traditional paper document circulation and manual accounting.

The possibility to validate reports and evaluate summary details that contributed to the result.

Easy access to scans of purchase invoices while generating bank transfers from the system.

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