Technology innovations

In Ekkom we believe that skilfully selected technologies can significantly increase efficiency and the quality of work, and also provide current reports and data on the financial condition of the company. As a result, our customers can make appropriate decisions regarding their business.

Technological development is an important element of our competitive advantage and the long-term strategy that we have been consistently implementing. Through technological innovation we are constantly improving and automating business processes within our company as well as for our customers. The main areas of technology include:

The digitisation of documents

  • Dedicated Kodak scanners convert paper documents to digital documents.
  • Software that interprets the documents and forwards them to Ekkom’s secure server.

The interpretation and transmission of documents

The dedicated software Readsoft Invoices receives the accounting documents sent, automatically reads the data placed on them and transmits them to our ERP system or to the customer’s system.

ERP system for company management

Support for company management, support of key areas in the company as well as electronic endorsement and validation of documents. We use the following systems:

  • Standard ERP by HansaWorld
  • Streamsoft Prestiż
  • eNova for HR & payroll services

Electronic invoice service (eFaktura)

  • Mechanism for the manual and automatic generation of invoices in accordance with the customer’s template.
  • Possibility of manual or cumulative distribution of documents.

Debt management

Manual or automatic sending of reminders and calls for payment according to flexible rules and in the format defined by the customer.

Object management accounting

An innovative way to record business operations allows us to build multidimensional reporting and analysis, in which our customers:

  • know not only retrospectively “what happened”, but also “what is happening” in their organization;
  • can track the profitability of any element in the company as well as the key areas of its activities.




Greater productivity and employee effectiveness
by eliminating traditional paper document circulation and manual accounting.

Increased security in the organization –
all documents are electronically archived together with adjoining annexes as well as an accounting decree document.

Secure and remote access to data and reports from anywhere and at any time.

Software compatibility with current applicable legal and tax provisions.

Professionally secured data
back-ups are conducted regularly and stored in various locations.

No costs associated with investments in an IT infrastructure.

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