Incana S.A.


Industry: Manufacturing
Business area: Wall decorations manufacturer
Location: Ścinawa

Initially, the client had 3 separate systems, for accounting, sales management, and warehousing, respectively. In addition, the company had not used any electronic tools for managing manufacturing, documentation workflow and orders.

Key Challenges


Lack of access to the right information due to dispersion and different data formats in use


The accounting firm's role was limited solely to ensuring tax compliance


Numerous inefficiencies within workflow – repeated data entries, clearance, settlement monitoring, etc.


Inability to accurately define the actual costs of manufacturing at each stage


Difficult monitoring of profitability across company departments and types of operations


Backlogs in purchase invoice approval and transfer to the accounting department


Lack of control over orders made with suppliers


Poor effectiveness and high cost of debt collection


Time-consuming, manual preparation of daily reports for the Board, department managers and traders

Implemented solutions

Having identified key challenges for the customer and having analysed current processes, we recommended that two integrated systems be implemented: one for corporate management and one for electronic documentation workflow. We opted for HansaWorld’s ERP system and Readsoft’s Invoices, as these best met the client’s needs.

Technology innovations

We have deployed the following modules
Standard ERP by HansaWorld:

  • CRM,
  • Sales Orders,
  • Sales Ledger,
  • Price Management,
  • Inventory,
  • Production,
  • Purchase Orders,
  • Task Manager,
  • Notifications,
  • Employee Expenditure,
  • Nominal Ledger,
  • Fixed Assets

Process innovations

Having analysed the client’s needs, we implemented the following
mechanisms to facilitate internal business processes:

  • Object-oriented accounting
  • Electronic invoice and purchase order approval procedures
  • Automatic Request for Payment mechanism
  • Automatic reporting
  • Quick payments to suppliers
  • Electronic sales invoice distribution – ECOD invoices and conventional PDFs
  • Automatic generation of documents in subsidiaries (Sale – Purchase)

Value added and benefits for the client

Better control over the company and support for strategic decision-making with the availability of the right information about key business areas

Significantly lower workload for the Board and company administration with simplified and automated procedures for the approval and transfer of purchase documents to third-party accounting services

Unlocking client resources through process optimisation and elimination of redundant operations

Controlling costs before they are incurred by introducing electronic approval procedures for Purchase Orders

Easy manufacturing cost management with accurate identification of cost drivers at each stage and level

Reduced cost of debt collection with full automation: distribution of reminders and requests for payment via e-mail

Freedom in making key decisions with the ability to evaluate the profitability of individual company departments and business areas

Significant enhancement of settling liabilities with direct payment functionality within the system and access to an up-to-date list of overdue invoices

Client feedback

“(..) the highly innovative solutions, suggested and implemented by Ekkom, reduced our workload and streamlined our operations in general.

We recommend Ekkom as a dependable and reliable business partner.

Ryszard Bartosik
Incana S.A.

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