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Ekkom – accounting without barriers – Innovative financial & accounting and HR & payroll services. An accounting office in Wrocław with coverage throughout the country.

Our services

When building our offer of comprehensive financial & accounting and HR & payroll services, we had one objective in mind – to provide our customers with such services and solutions that would help them increase profits and the value of their businesses. 

Financial and Accounting Services

Get insight into the financial and property situation of the company. Use real-time information and make the right decisions.

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HR and Payroll Services

Optimise your HR management costs and streamline your administrative operations

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Document management

Increase the effectiveness of document and business process management in your organization. Improve information flow in your company.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Build your competitive advantage with the ERP system. Plan and manage key company resources.

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Our Innovations

Effectiveness is a priority

Traditional accounting is no longer sufficient in the age of digital transformation that has changed the way we do business and compete on the market. Modern finance management methods and tools are essential. This is why our offer combines traditional accounting with the potential of new technologies and process innovations.

How we work


Electronic documents

Marking and scanning printed documents



Secure EKKOM server

OCR analysis and transfer to ERP

Workflow based processing and approval


An e-archive of digital documents

Reports available 24/7


By combining advanced tools, our experience and constantly optimised processes, we are able to provide our clients with accounting without barriers. We provide you with unlimited access to key data on your corporate finances and major cost factors, and help you streamline your operations. We perfectly understand the specific nature and needs of local and global manufacturing and service business.

Manufacturing companies

Our clients are provided with financial reporting capability at each stage of their manufacturing process. Moreover, we specialise in implementing manufacturing system, including manufacturing cycles for each product, material demand planning, manufacturing management and delivery scheduling.

Service companies

Our reporting solutions allow you to measure your project and investment profitability, and evaluate your business units, teams of employees and customer groups. In addition, our ERP-grade systems facilitate company management and control. We provide support for tendering processes, sale order processing, document approval procedures and non-standard process handling.

Companies with foreign capital

We promote accounting without barriers, ensuring 24h, multi-lingual access to up-to-date financial data for your branch offices from any location worldwide. Our reports conform to the norms defined by your company headquarters, and our processes and IT systems are closely integrated with your infrastructure.

Our clients

  • Since 2002, Ekkom has provided us with accounting and HR management services. As our company grew rapidly, we needed new reporting and accounting capabilities, and document workflow improvements. The services provided by Ekkom fully meet our growing needs, and their professional advice allows us to implement and enhance our key processes. The functions that are crucial for us are management reports and electronic documentation workflow. In addition to online invoice endorsement and approval, it facilitates simultaneous processing of accounting operations. in turn streamlines our work and provides access to monthly reports quicker.
    Piotr CzajkowskiPiotr CzajkowskiBoard Member
  • Nasza współpraca bazuje na zaufaniu zbudowanym dzięki niezawodności firmy Ekkom oraz zrozumieniu potrzeb kancelarii. Elastyczność Ekkomu wspiera optymalizację naszych procesów finansowych. Jedno źródło danych oraz ich stała dostępność pozwala na interpretację danych bez konieczności ich dodatkowego przekształcania. Polecamy firmę Ekkom wszystkim firmom, dla których informacje finansowe stanowią ważną bazę do podejmowania decyzji.
    Marek ŁazewskiMarek ŁazewskiPartner Zarządzający
  • We have cooperated with Ekkom for many years. We appreciate their support, professional advice and advanced IT solutions, which also make our work easier. We can recommend their services especially to local branches of foreign companies that are subject to advanced reporting, which is a piece of cake for Ekkom.
    Joanna WiadernaJoanna WiadernaFinance Manager
  • Black Point S.A. partnered with EKKOM Sp. z o.o. in August 2003. So far, our cooperation has been effective. Electronic invoice circulation and cost estimate approval capability are only some of the IT solutions provided by Ekkom to its clients. Online management reports allow us to assess our operations faster and more accurately, and to focus on our strategic business goals. We wish to thank Ekkom for their efforts so far, and look forward to our continued fruitful collaboration. Based on our experience, we recommend Ekkom to all clients who seek convenient accounting outsourcing to a reliable partner with a professional portfolio and expertise in accounting, taxes and labour law.
    Milena KurkowiczMilena KurkowiczFinance and Controlling Manager
  • Cooperation with Ekkom and access to their ERP platform have allowed us to take advantage of such advanced solutions as electronic documentation workflow, e-banking, and management reports created on the basis of the most stringent criteria. Up till now we were not aware that cooperation with a third party accounting firm can look like this, and that it could reduce the burden on our internal processes so much. I highly recommend them.
    Marek HalbertMarek HalbertProxy
  • Our company has cooperated with Ekkom for over 10 years now. They manage our accounting and provide us with comprehensive HR & payroll services. They are very reliable in doing their job and always meet their deadlines, while using advanced IT tools to enhance our cooperation even further. We can honestly recommend Ekkom as a reliable accounting firm and a trustworthy business partner.
    Vladimir KalenskyVladimir KalenskyPresident of the Board
  • Our company has used a wide range of solutions provided by Ekkom, such as sales and purchase processing, inventory management, accounting, and many more. We appreciate especially the possibility of electronic transmission of documents, remote document approval, easy supplier payment management and receiving automatic reports. These highly innovative solutions, suggested and implemented by Ekkom, reduced our workload and streamlined the operations of the entire company. We recommend Ekkom as a dependable and reliable business partner.
    Ryszard BartosikRyszard BartosikProxy
  • We have cooperated with Ekkom for over ten years. This cooperation allowed us to implement a number of innovative solutions, which significantly enhanced our administration and accounting services. What is particularly noteworthy is the reliable and professional team of consultants, who provide invaluable assistance in accounting, taxes and labour law. We can heartily recommend Ekkom to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner.
    Grzegorz BorysławskiGrzegorz BorysławskiPresident of the Board of the general partner
  • Plasticos Durex Polska Sp. z o.o. started cooperating with Ekkom immediately when we registered our operations in Poland. This decision was motivated by their impressive feedback from a number of other companies, who have already cooperated with Ekkom, and their considerable experience in supporting clients with foreign capital. Over time, we decided to implement more of their solutions, such as e-banking and electronic documentation workflow, which greatly enhanced, facilitated and streamlined our accounting and payment processes. We can certainly recommend Ekkom and its solutions to other businesses that seek innovative improvements for their management and administration operations.
    Michał OgonowskiMichał OgonowskiCEO
  • We have started our cooperation with Ekkom not so long ago, in late 2014. What convinced us to make the decision to partner with Ekkom was their systemic solutions, which actually improved a number of internal processes within our company, and, most importantly, eliminated a lot of redundant work. We recommend Ekkom to everyone who looks for something more than just an accounting firm.
    Marcin RynkowskiMarcin RynkowskiPresident of the Board of the general partner

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